A Black Mental Health Matters Tour Dedicated to Black Women is Coming to a City Near You

In the Black community, Mental Health is a subject that is taboo.  For forever we’ve turned our “problems” over to God, and seeking outside help was seen as something we “Just don’t do.”  We’ve stood by as elders made asinine comments such as: “He just ain’t right in the head.”  And allowed mental illness to heavily plague our communities.

Black women in particular have experienced mental health disorders at a high rate, yet treatment is at an alarmingly low rate.  It has been proven that mental health disorders affect Black women at a higher rate, and present more intense than their white counterparts.  However, it is becoming apparent that times are changing, and millennial’s are no longer sweeping mental illness/wellness under the rug.  Many are beginning to step up, and bring awareness to the topic of Mental Health-and one woman, Melony Hill, is doing it in a major way. 

If you didn’t know a Black Mental Health Matters Tour is happening for Black women, and may be coming to a city near you!  If you’re traveling May 25-July 27, or reside in one of these cities: Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD—the Crazy Like a Fox Tour needs to be on your itinerary.  The tour includes Brunch, Panel Discussion, and Healing Activities in a safe space for Black women to learn, heal and thrive.

The Atlanta event was May 25th, and included a Panel of Black Mental Health Professionals and Advocates who were all Black women.  Follow Stronger than My Struggles on Facebook, to stay up to date on tour happenings!

Were you in attendance? share your experience in the comments below.

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