Trump Bans Cruises to Cuba

Many are beginning to come forward to voice that their upcoming trips are being affected by The Trump administration’s ending to a two-decade-old program that had become the most popular way for Americans to legally visit Cuba. This new change bans all cruise ships and recreational vessels in the process. Which means if your route was headed to Cuba, you may want to check for new changes!

U.S. law bars travel to Cuba for personal activities, but America has been allowed to go under authorized categories, including individual and group “people to people” travel. In 2014 The Obama Administration, after re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba–moved to reduce licensing and paperwork requirements for tour operators, cruise lines and commercial air travel to the Caribbean island. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 2,203,490 passengers have traveled to the Republic of Cuba, aboard 13,479 flights.

Apparently commercial flights will continue to be permitted and “travel for University groups, academic research, journalism, and professional meetings will continue to be allowed.

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