Burn out is an official medical condition, and traveling is the perfect way to combat it.

Burn out has officially been recognized as a medical condition by the World Health Organization, and I’m sure many of us are thinking—“It’s about time!”  Many of us have known the effects of burn out all too well and are finally relieved to know that we aren’t alone.  Most of all relieved that now those suffering from the condition can finally be acknowledged and receive the support they need. 

One sure-fire way to combat burn out is to travel.  Travel has been scientifically proven to make you happier, and the break from everyday responsibilities, can certainly assist with burn out.  According to the health agency, burnout isn’t just synonymous with being stressed out. It’s “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” –and according to the CDC a balance between work, family and personal life can help reduce work stress.

A recent survey from the Korn Ferry research organization indicated that overall employee stress levels “have risen nearly 20% in three decades.” A 2018 study by the work management platform Wrike found that 94 percent of workers feel stress in the office and almost a third say their stress level is high to unsustainably high.  Americans are working longer and harder than before, according to the American Institute of Stress. 

Incorporating travel into your lifestyle can certainly relieve stress and detach you from work-related responsibilities.  Studies show that within the first couple days of traveling, 89% of people report significant drops in stress levels. As a result, travel has been linked to a decrease in the development of heart disease and other types of stress-related conditions.  Therefore, incorporating travel into your lifestyle not only introduces you to new places, people and experiences—but can also prevent you from burn out.

We think this is a life lesson that balance is key—and a healthy balance of work and play is imperative for our health. So, take those days off, plan that getaway and live yo best life!

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