If you’re visiting St. Louis you’ll have to skip out on this popular tourist attraction

Officials have stopped rides to the top of the Arch after minor water seepage into the lower loading zone of the monument’s south tram. The north tram is closed because of previously scheduled maintenance. Rides to the top of the Gateway Arch are expected to resume Saturday.

Mississippi River flood water is creeping up the steps of the Gateway Arch. The water won’t get anywhere near the Gateway Arch itself, but the riverfront road, Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard, will likely be underwater for weeks. The Mississippi River crested downtown on Friday morning at 46 feet, 3.5 feet below the 1993 record.

Visitors who previously purchased tickets for the Tram Ride to the Top for Friday, June 7, should visit the Ticket Center inside the Arch Visitor Center or call 877-982-1410 for a refund or to reschedule their tram ride for a different day.

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