Is Exploring the World Keeping Black Women from Exploring Romance?

Black travelers spend $50 billion annually on travel and leisure–with Black women spending the bulk. Black women are traveling, and seeing the world. And as the data shows they have no problem doing it solo.

As you browse the blogs, and see travel imagery geared toward Black travelers you’ll see a reoccurring pattern. Black women are flooding timelines, and are dominating the movement. But how are Black men feeling about Black women catching flights, and not feelings–literally.

A recent Facebook post in a Black travel group, created quite a buzz when a traveler stated that her guy friend told her that a man doesn’t want a woman that can’t stay still. Does he have a point?!

I mean he could. It could be that Black men, are intimidated, turned off, emasculated–or whatever the case may be–by Black women who like to travel. Could that be why there are more women traveling than men? Are Black men just not into that?

Definitely doesn’t mean that Black women need to settle, and be “still” to be in a relationship. Especially if you aren’t ready. We are firm believers that travelers find love too, and we are beginning to see that in the increase of Black family travel blogs that are arising. The Mom Trotter, Wanderlust Family Life, and The Traveling Child are just a few.

So we say ladies keep living your best life, it’s definitely love out there in the travel world! And Black men, if travel isn’t for you–so be it. However, don’t make Black women feel as if their desire to travel makes them undesirable in the eyes of Black men.

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