How to make supporting black-owned businesses a priority—because, I mean who got us better than us?

In 2015, Black buying power topped out at $1.2 T…yes, trillion dollars. BIG dollars. HEAVY weight. IMMENSE buying power. So, check this, here’s the issue; we aren’t spending the majority of those dollars in the Black Community. We have to change that. We can’t be screaming hella black, hella dope ( ayyyyeee) but be throwing our dollars at other communities because they certainly aren’t throwing them at our community. We gotta cash out with ourselves!

Often times we are taken for granted and treated like we need other communities and what they offer to live… TUH! It’s time to send a reminder –you know like you do after a break up when you pop out with clear skin, 20 pounds lighter, new edges/fresh cut, a new (and better) boo, new theme song playing, etc–we got this, we got US, we bet on US. Watch us work!So, because we are all about solutions (and because WE GOT YOU), we’ve put together a few simple things you can do to support Black OwnedBusinesses.

1. Make supporting black-owned businesses a priority—Because, I mean, who got us better than US?!

I’ll wait! Black Space’s ENTIRE foundation is grounded in being Culture Pushers. We seek out BOB’s, add them to our directory, talk with them and find out how we can support them, and we encourage you to do the same. Use the app to find local businesses in your area, reach out to your local BOB’s and encourage them to register on the app, plan ahead if you have to order items, etc. BOB’s should be our first thought when it comes to purchasing the items we need. THINK BLACK!

2. Share the love—Don’t be selfish!

Support doesn’t ALWAYS have to be financial—even though we know cash is king! Meaning,maybe it’s not time for your bi-weekly shopping, you bought in bulk last time –because who has time to only be ordering one thing at a time, okaaay!?, or maybe you just don’t need that particular item, etc … Okay, cool, we understand. But don’t be selfish and keep these gems to yourself! SHARE THE LOVE! BOB’s love when you share their postings, new item alerts, weekly menu’s, help with engagement by commenting on their social media posts, etc… put your people on! Think “one band, one sound”! We are in this TOGETHER! Share, share, share… Wait, I forgot to say, SHARE!

3. Don’t let one bad experience make you swear off all black-owned businesses.

Let’s be real, we don’t stop going to Wal-Mart or Target because of that one time they ran out of starch or the cashier was rude to us or our online order took two extra days. Shoot, most times we let it ride and waltz our tails right back in there the next day! Let’s make that a practice with our BOB’s… nobody will always get it right. Let’s start being intentional on extending grace, allowing for a learning curve, giving them the chance to get it right—and then, if all else fails, move on the next BOB.

Family, we can do this! Nobody’s got us like we got us! We gotta ride our own wave, K?! Got more suggestions? Drop them in the comments below. As always, stay hella black, hella dope!

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