Top 5 Places To “Get It On” While traveling

Hey, Why not?

Let’s create some memories memories shall we?

Whether we’re traveling the world with a spouse or traveling alone like a rolling stone, we all most likely get that urge. If you dont? More power to you! This piece may not be for you.

The urge to randomly be intimate with our own personal “snack” after a few sips of wine is completely understandable. Now we just have to be creative!

The art of making love in new environments can be quite a rush.

Here’s 5 ways to dip off and enjoy your snack privately in public!

1) Rent a car with tinted windows.

Now, some people can’t get with car sex because it feels like highschool.


For those who can? Pull up to watch that sunset view in a new place, crack a window, turn on some Marvin Gaye and assume the positions.

2) Hotel Rooms : The bed should be off limits.

That ledge inside the window or that balcony is fair game!

3) No car ? Sex on the beach.

Get yourselves a blanket and a beach towel and spoon reaaal subtly. Thank me later.

Don’t blame me for getting sand in unforseen places. I’ve warned you.

4) That hotel laundry room though.

The spin cycle is NO JOKE.

5) Rooftops are always nice.

Enjoy the moonlight glistening on your partner’s melanin on a rooftop. Forgetting that moment is impossible.

WARNING: Being Black while traveling can cause detainment for many of these actions. You know, like barbequing, gathering together in public, and wearing straight billed hats. Please be careful. We are not equipped to bail you out as of yet and are not liable.

With that being said, be safe and have fun Black people. We deserve it.

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