Stress-Free Group Travel

travel water pic

It usually starts over drinks, a group text where someone is venting, or just a random bright idea- let’s plan a trip! Everyone is burned out, needs a break, over a multitude of life’s lessons, the kids/professor/significant other/boss are all on your LAST nerve, etc- that’s it, it’s time for a vacation. You and your crew need to get away NOW. The idea is met with a resounding “YAAAAS”!!

Now comes the challenge, how do we execute this bright idea with as little stress as possible? Well, here are our top 4 tips to help you get this done with everyone still being friends when you return and the trip accomplishing what it was set out to accomplish– stress relief; oh, and a GOOD time had by all.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan… Oh, and Plan Some More.

First, you have to decide where to go. Second, you have to decide what to do. What needs to be paid for in advance? Make sure all budgets are considered. Make sure everyone is involved and kept abreast of all decisions being made.  That’s the easiest way to alleviate a member of the group feeling alienated. Hop in the group chat and flesh it all out. No, everyone may not agree 100% with every decision, however, their voice was heard even though the consensus wins.

2. Okay, Now That We’ve Covered The Basics… Let’s Get To Those COINS. 

Collecting money is something that should be done sooner rather than later. Designate a person to collect money. Of course this is a non-issue if your group is utilizing a travel agent. However, even then, you may want to use this method to pay for excursions and such a head of time. This allows for truly stress-free travel because all the group has to do is show up and be ready for a good time. This also guarantees that everyone pays their fair share. We don’t want any issues.

3. Share! 

One person can’t, and shouldn’t do everything. Everyone should be responsible for making sure something gets done. It’s far too stressful for one person to be responsible for securing the travel agent, spear-heading on ground activities, arranging transportation, etc. Spread it around; share the love.

4. Smile And Take Hiccups In Stride.

We all know none of us are the same. We don’t think or move the same. We all have life stressors and demands getting on our nerves (thus the reason for this trip) and the last thing we want is to add the stress of planning a trip with our crew. Therefore, it is imperative we keep a positive attitude and encourage the rest of the crew to do the same. When issues arise, talk them out as a group. Don’t make it a habit to text one member to vent about another, it won’t get resolved that way. Make a decision as a group and keep it moving.

5. Arrive And Have Fun!

The hard work is done. You’ve planned, packed, and arrived. Remember the plan, stick to it, and have a ball. If changes occur, make sure the group is okay with them. Sometimes  small disagreements can happen, even with the best laid plans. I mean, let’s face it, we are all human. The key is to not let it ruin a well-deserved trip paid for with your hard-earned coins. If tensions get a little high, take a break/nap/recreational break (you get where I’m going with this), and reconvene later.

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