It’s 2019, and Black passengers are being asked to move to the back of the plane?

It’s 2019, and apparently Spirit Airlines, thinks we are still in the Jim Crow Era 🙄.

Tiarra Tiarra (unsure of her last name), a paying customer boarding Spirit airlines was asked if she could move, due to a white passenger not wanting to sit beside her. “I had to ask someone to switch seats with me because she didn’t want to sit by a Black woman in 2019!” Tiarra detailed on her Facebook posts.

Now we are fully aware that some people just can’t help their racist bigotry. However, Spirit– really? This is how you handle racial discrimination in 2019? We know you may be taking this with a grain of salt. Well we don’t take this lightly at all, and the victim caught a glimpse of the woman–attempting to apolo-lie–and we’ve posted it here.

If you know her drop a comment, and share.

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