Road Trips—Why everyone should experience at least one in their lifetime.

Everyone is pressed for time.  This generation would be what we call the “Microwave” Generation—due to the need for things to be delivered instantaneously.  That also includes travel—flying is almost always the preferred mode of transportation.  Nowadays people rarely take the time to plan, and experience traveling by road.  There is no longer the want or need to have the experience of the scenery, discovering new places and people—in all actuality it’s an entire experience within itself before you even arrive at your destination.  And after all that is what we travel for right—an experience?

Here are a few perks of taking road trips, that you absolutely cannot get while flying:

It’s Almost Always Cheaper

Renting a car, and driving is almost always cheaper than flying.  Yes, occasionally you find a steal and we are all for it!  However, many times when traveling you will need transportation while you are at your destination.  Which means either you are renting a car when you arrive, or you’re splurging on Lyft, Uber, Taxi’s, etc.—which can certainly add up.  Driving to your destination using your car or rental will almost certainly cut costs, as you will already have transportation—and won’t need to spend anything extra.

More Space

Unless you’re flying first-class in style, most likely you are constricted to smaller quarters than even a car would provide.  You’d also be closely surrounded by other people—which further invades your space.  You also don’t have to continuously worry about invading another’s space, as that’s something that we are often paranoid about when traveling by plane.  If you’re driving, you can always accommodate your ride to fit your needs.  You also don’t have to worry about significantly decreasing luggage, to avoid extra fees. 

The Scenery

Driving, and enjoying the scenery is the best part.  We never realize how much of this Country we haven’t seen until you take a road trip!  The scenery alone is enough to make you want to road trip every trip.  It is nothing like riding through the mountains, listening to some soulful music and reflecting to come up with a Masterplan to take over the world!  Not only that but you have the opportunity to make stops, and explore different places, attractions, etc.  Something you’ll never be able to do while flying!

It’s A Bonding Experience

Whether you are road trippin’ solo, or with others it is the Ultimate bonding experience.  It’s the best time for reflection, communication, and it also encourages teamwork (I mean you can’t drive  and create a bomb playlist!)  It is the best time to have those much-needed conversations and come to a resolution, play games and laugh together, and engage in new experiences together.  Road tripping creates long lasting memories, that you can’t get when you fly.

All in all we believe that everyone should take a road trip at least once.  We promise you won’t regret it, and the memories will last forever!

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